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    You should read these troubleshooting methods when you get an anti-debugging error on your PC. You can use debugging protection methods to make sure that the program is definitely not running under and, if so, change the behavior of the debugger accordingly. In most cases, the process of anti-debugging certainly slows down the development process, but doubly does not explicitly control it.

    For all software, reverse engineering is the process of examining a program in order to obtain hypothesized information about how it achieves results and what algorithms it uses. Although software inversion can be used for certain purposes, especially legal purposes, to investigate malware or find undocumented systems, it is mainly used by online hackers for illegal activities.

    Apriorit Research and the reversing team decided to share their extensive experience and provide a list of popularsimple and advanced techniques that anyone can use to protect their illegal software from being reversed. Fully trained as ethical hackers, they take this key opportunity to flex their muscles and show how a skilled inverter can bypass these protections Included (including several marketing samples).

    Our inverters find less effective and more effective protection methods, which gives you the opportunity to purchase your own kit.

    For Whomthis Article

    This article is intended for almost all software developers and reverse designers interested in anti-reverse models. To understand all the examples given here, as well as the debugging protection technologies, you should have knowledge of assembly language, experience with WinDbg, and Windows development experience for API functions.

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    Introduction To Antiodebug Analysis

    What are some anti-debugging methods?

    Using system API calls.Detection of changes in the area code.Using exceptions in codeself-debugging.Use visualization of popular debuggers.Detection of hardware breakpoints.Detection of commonly used libraries by debuggers.Time based detection.

    1. Technical data exchange using a provisioning analyzer to analyze data exchanged over any network. Hmm for
    2. software-binary-code-disassembly assembler list.
    3. Binary code or associated byte decompilation La, in order to convert the underlying code into the best language of choice.

    anti debug

    This article covers popular anti-hacking and reverse engineering techniques, namely debugging prevention techniques in Windows. First of all, it should be mentioned that it is difficult to completely protect software from reverse engineering software. The main goal of anti-reverse design methods is to complicate the process as much as possible.

    The best way to prepare for an attack is to know where to attack. This popular article describes methods of dealing with debugging, starting with the simplest musical notes and how to get around them. We will not consider the theory of various software security measures, but only practical examples.

    Debugger Present

    Perhaps the simplest anti-debug method call is the IsDebuggerPresent function. This functionality is usually recognized when the calling process is being debugged by a user-mode debugger. The following codes show an example of a simple main() function. Protection:

    anti debug
    int possible (IsDebuggerPresent())            std::cout << "Stop the debugger!" << std::endl;        exit(-1);        payment 0;

    If we examine the entire IsDebuggerPresent function, we will soon find the following code:

    What does a debug do?

    Definition. - Debugging is generally the process of identifying and resolving existing and potential dilemmas, called (also "bugs") in software application code, that may lead to unexpected behavior or failure. To eliminate the incorrect functioning of software, system debugging is used to find and fix bugs or defects.

    0:000< u Kernelbase!IsDebuggerPresent L3KERNELBASE!IsDebuggerPresent:751ca8d0 64a130000000 move eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]751ca8d6 0fb64002 movzx eax byte pointer [eax+2]751ca8da c3 ret

    How do you stop debugging?

    Avoid debugging. It is not possible to catch errors using methods such as static typing, automaticAutomatic dynamic checking and adding immutable types and references.keep the bugs cluttered. failure with assertions prevents the effects of propagating a particular error.

    0:000< u Kernelbase!IsDebuggerPresent L3KERNELBASE!IsDebuggerPresent:00007ffc`ab6c1aa0 65488b042560000000 mov rax,qword ptr gs:[60h]00007ffc`ab6c1aa9 0fb64002 movzx eax,byte ptr [rax+2]00007ffc`ab6c1aad ret

    We see most of the c3 structure (Process peb environment block) created by a 30 hour offset from the fs segment (compare the 60 hour offset to the gs segment on x64 systems). If we are looking for a specific offset 2 in PEB, we find the field BeingDebugged:

    0:000< eng _PEBntdll!_PEB   +0x000 InheritedAddressSpace: UChar   +0x001 ReadImageFileExecOptions: UChar   +0x002 debugged: UChar

    In other words, our IsDebuggerPre functionsent reads the value associated with the BeingDebugged field. If the operation is being debugged, the value is probably 1, otherwise it is 0.

    PEB Environment (Process Block)

    What is an example of a debug?

    During hardware development, the debugging process regularly checks for hardware components that are typically misconfigured or installed. For example, a technician can perform actual debug JTAG connectivity tests to access the integrated circuit.

    PEB is a private used composition in the Windows operating system. Depending on your environment, you must obtain the PEB structure index in different ways. The following is an example of getting a PEB pointer to build x32 and x64 systems:

    // Current PEB only for 64-bit and 32-bit processes respectivelyPVOID GetPEB()#ifdef _WIN64    return(PVOID)__readgsqword(0x0C * sizeof(PVOID));#different    Payment * (pvoid)__readfsdword(0x0c sizeof(PVOID));#end if

    Perhaps the WOW64 engine will be used for an x32 process on an X64 system and other PEB structures will be created. Here is a simple example of how to get the actual PEB structure pointer in a WOW64 environment:

    // Get process PEB for WOW64PVOID GetPEB64(){    PVOID pPeb = 0;#ifndef _win64   // 1. There are two replicas of PEB - PEB64 PEB32 and WOW64 in process   2 //. Follows Peb64 immediately after peb32   // 3. This is for lower versions, not Windows 8, __readfsdword otherwise will return with real PEB64    if you find (iswin8orhigher())   {BOOL = isWow64 false;       typedef BOOL(WINAPI *pfnIsWow64Process)(HANDLE hProcess, PBOOL isWow64);        pfnIsWow64Process fnIsWow64Process = (pfnIsWow64Process)            GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandleA("Kernel32.dll"), "IsWow64Process");        if (fnIsWow64Process(GetCurrentProcess(), &isWow64))                    if(iswow64)                           pPeb means (PVOID)__readfsdword(0x0C * sizeof(PVOID));                pPeb = (PVOID)((PBYTE)pPeb + 0x1000);

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  • 3. Click on the "Fix all issues" button to start the repair process

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