Solving The Problem Of Auto-hide The Xp Taskbar

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    Using your computer’s mouse, right-click on our Windows taskbar and taskbar and select “Taskbar Configurations” from the context menu.In the Taskbar Options window, click on the Properties section of the taskbar to expand it as usual under the section on Expand the taskbar on the right side.Check the box next to Automatically hide each taskbar.


    The Windows taskbar is a wide bar at the bottom that connects to a screen that has a START button on the left end and a regular clock at the top. This is the area that displays the names of programs you can open and other icons. If the Windows XP taskbar does not appear after the computer is turned on, it is likely that it has automatically hidden from the bottom of the screen. And if you feel the mouse pointer at the end of at the bottom of the screen, the Windows XP taskbar appears and disappears as you move the mouse pointer away from the computer. By default, the new taskbar should be installed, which is displayed after a fresh operating installation of the Windows Always xp system. if so, a friend or relative has set the Windows XP taskbar to auto-hide, can you just link the taskbar setting, it’s still there.

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