BIOS Programmer Circuits Troubleshooting

Over the past few weeks, some users have reported to us that they have encountered schemas created by bios programmers.

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    The CH341A programmer is a programming tool for the flash memory chip programmer. As shown in the image above, my small piece of equipment is set up between the chip and the laptop’s flash memory. Note. The flash memory chip can be STB flash chip, satellite flash receiver chip, terrestrial flash receiver chip, etc.

    CH341A is a USB main interface chip that can emulate standard uart, parallel port, parallel memory transport and synchronous serial interface (I2C, SPI). The chip is manufactured by Chinese Jiangsu company QinHeng Ltd. product. CH341A is used by some cheap memory programmers. The integrated circuit in this configuration is somewhat limited because the programmer only takes advantage of the SPI interface and I2C, leaving many associated pins unconnected. A popular device, often black, is the CH341A Mini Programmer, which you can buy for $26.

    The real problem with these devices is that theyAbout them without you get the record or the software. There are no drivers on the manufacturer’s website (but the site is written in Chinese). A number of source codes are also available from the company. There are open source applications that support this programmer. But let’s first look at the equipment found.

    bios programmer schematics

    A quick look at the board reveals the main electronics used: CH341A, Le clear 12MHz quartz crystal required by 3rd chip, ideal regulator, 3V, two 7-pin headers with ZIF (forced zero) output. ). . The timer can be purchased from separate sockets and adapters along with some voltage switching circuits.


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  • After some research, I found a schematic for a ch341a programmer, but it wasn’t quite correct or complete. The sides of the ZIF socket didn’t have connectors for each contact, and I always wanted to know what people were for. I took a multimeter and started tracking the card until I got the complete circuit diagram. The scheme is considered sufficient on a simple basis sheet technique.

    I also found a magician in WAVGAT (one person on AliExpress). Their product page currently offers a PCB design for this device only (though the top side).

    Well, let’s skip the diagram and read a bit. The chip was powered by 5V, so its I/O ports will use 5V as well. It’s essentially a 5V device. The problem is that any memory that’s plugged into the right slot is powered by 3.3V. And this seems to be the only function of the 3.3V regulator (besides the full 3rd pin 3V on the SPI header). I don’t know why, the developer used the regulator below if he didn’t provide a switch to choose between 3.3V or 5V cell level power.

    Reading the datasheet, we can see that the manufacturer recommended the capacitor to combine RSTI 0.47uF (pin 2) and correlate VCC for better stability. There is not a single situation on the table.

    As always, I have identified the device in (3 i2c.5V) 3v EEPROMS without any problems, as well as SPI FLASH moments (3.3V devices). more For reliability and to avoid burning out smart chips, I highly recommendUse the menu with the actual 3.3V level bias output. You will also need to connect pin (9) v3 to VCC (3.3V). convert the creator of this to 3.3V levels.

    Note that this is only acceptable to the programmer when the #act pin is connected through a resistor. For this reason, users need to install a jumper between hooks 1 and 2 of the uart connector. Otherwise, the device will be public, as it supports a standard converter to usb serial port.and

    Drivers Tools

    The manufacturer of the CH341A provides a lot of useful information on the product page. Here are the files you can buy and what they contain (both required by users):

  • CH341SER.EXE, self-installable – archive with USB serial port driver.
  • CH341PAR.EXE – standalone archive with multi-protocol Autofahrer interface (this is for programmer mode)
  • ch341ser.- zip – Archive with driver files and additional serial API and library (you don’t need a special API for serial, but a standard port, it containsthere are special functions for obtaining alternatives, etc.)
  • CH341PAR.ZIP – Archive mode driver files with interface and API (headers with a library to access a device paired with any desired protocol).
  • CH341PAR_LINUX. – backup in zip format with the number of the original Linux driver and Linux API.
  • CH341SER_LINUX.ZIP – Linux vehicle source code for the serial slot (this file is not needed, it is already in the kernel)
  • CH341EVT.ZIP – some tools written for use in conjunction with the evaluation board (may be useful for programming software that is likely to have access to this device).
  • CH341DS1.PDF – Chinese data sheet in a box.
  • CH341DS2.PDF – Additional information and API in Chinese
  • CH341DP documentation, .contains zip programming tool One – ISP?
  • CH341DPS.ZIP – probably similar to above if you need to login to download
  • bios programmer schematics

    The average user will definitely need the first two. Approximately double-click on each of the therefore, them, when the dialog appears.In the dialog box, click Install. The next thing you might need is software. Windows Users can try AsProgrammer.

    APIs are often interesting for the versatility of chips. You create your own software that almost certainly reads/writes data from sensors, to/from real energy clocks, or other devices that use serial communication on the programming board to connect to pins.

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    Bios Programmerare Scheman
    Bios Programmeur Schema S
    바이오스 프로그래머 회로도
    Schemi Programmatore Bios
    Esquemas Do Programador Bios
    Schematy Programisty Bios
    Esquemas Del Programador Bios
    Schematische Darstellung Des Bios Programmierers
    Shema Programmatora Bios
    Schemas Du Programmeur Bios