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    Second class (grade 10 – purple) Aislinn Paul as Claire Edwards, a religious little girl going through her parents’ divorce and also Jake’s half-sister.


    The Emmy-nominated season 11 of Degrassi premiered on July 18, 2011 by MuchMusic (Canada) and TeenNick (USA). The show followed a different telenovela format for 7 weeks, with 29 episodes sold under the title « Degrassi: or now never” and depicting the rest of the 2010-2011 school year. The show later returned with an hour-long mid-season premiere of Autumn, You’ve Got Nowhere to Run.The remaining 14 periods returned to TeenNick from Feb. 20, released as Degrassi: New to the beginnings, Feb. 24 on MuchMusic, and I would say the first semester of the 2011-2012 internship. The production season was developed on March 14, 2011 at Epitome Studios in Toronto. Filming continued through November with a hiatus in between to allow Stephen Stone to film six episodes for the first season of his (then) new edition of The, starring lacomplex Degrassi alum Cassie Steele. The slogans of this type were the season “Every moment” “The kids are fine”, but not.

    degrassi season 11 cast bios


    season 11

    Seniors_(Grade 12 – Blue)

    • Raymond Ablack as Sav as Principal Bhandari, who is still finding his place in the world.
    • Charlotte Arnold as Holly J. Sinclair, DeClark’s ambitious VP Yale DegrassiUniversity
    • Annie Fiona as Coyne, a wealthy former alcoholic lesbian from New York.
    • Argyris Karras Riley as Stavros, the openly gay skipper of the Degrassi football team. Kuk-Chun
    • Shannon, when Zane always parks, is an openly confident lesbian and gay athlete.
    • Jajube You are the Captain of the Power Squad as Mandiala Chantai Black.
    • Samantha Munro as Anya MacPherson, a cheerful, kind-hearted cheerleader who inspires romance.

    Juniors 11 – Red)

    • Shanice in “Banton” as Marisol Lewis, the crazy frivolous friend and best friend of cheerleader Kathy.
    • Luke Els Bilyk Drew Torres, an arrogant jock who plays about the sport of the year.
    • Munro the Exterminator as Eli Goldsworthy, a bad boy who still loves your husband’s ex-girlfriend, Claire Edwards.
    • Alicia Josipovic as Bianca DeSouza, a dark bad girl with a background and a talent that comes from dancing.
    • Daniel as Kelly as Owen Milligan, homophobic and lustfulathlete.
    • Justin Kelly was Jake Martin, a new idol on campus and an old friend of Claire’s. (New)
    • Christina Prosperi as Imogen Moreno, a sweet girl who lies to avoid being annoying. Pink (new)
    • Chloe as Cathy La athletic Matlyn, Marisol’s best friend who has no idea what love is. (New)

    Sophomores Grade – (10 As Kirl Purple)

    • Sam.K.Guthrie, a young man with an angry father’s personality.
    • Jahmil is her French gymnast, popular basketball player and aspiring womanizer.
    • Aislinn Paul as Very Edwards, a religious blonde girl who divorces the lady’s parents and Jake’s stepsister.
    • A.J. Saudin compared DeLaurier Connor to a college student with Asperger’s.
    • Melinda Alli Shankar as A Bhandari, a rebellious spirit, tries to close one of the new doors.
    • Jordan Todoshi as Adam, Torres, an intelligent and humorous female-to-male transgender
    • Jessica Tyler as Middleton, Jenna’s energetic teenage mother And a budding musician.
    • Spencer Van Wyck as Wesley Bethenkamp, ​​a clumsy and overzealous nerd.


    • Stefan Brogren as Simpson, Degrassi Community Principal.
    • Corey Lee as Miss Media, Oh, an immersive immersive teacher.

    Recurring (1101-1129)


    • The Alexandrian cast as Benoit Sadie Rowland, a high school freshman who loves basketball, is Dave’s ex-girlfriend (9th grade).
    • Samie Folliott as Hanna Belmont Wesley, a kind, innocent friend. (Grade 10)
    • Taisha. In a full-on role as Martello, Jess is a perfect newcomer. (Grade 9)
    • Stefan Like James Williams, Julian belongs to the class of clowns with great MMA talent. (Neyem 11)
    • Jake Klass as Mashkoure, mo, cynically more like an unhealthy weight junior who loves music. 11)
    • Tyler (new) (Class Stentiford, Liam as Aberish, sophomore, in love with a song in. (Class 10) Abby Dance (new)


    • Graham plays Glen as Martin,Jake’s father, who is related to Claire’s loving mother. (New)
    • Robin Brule Guthrie, caring mother of former drug addict K Lisa.S. mountain
    • Kathy at dawn as the first J mother. Holly (new)
    • Tamara as Duarte Charlie Lima’s interest in Fiona. (New)
    • Brendan Ying Jeffers as Vince, a gang member relentlessly trying to arrest Bianca and Drew. (New)
    • Marvin L. Ishmael as Mr. Bhandari Strict and Sawa Alli’s father. Marshall for
    • Ruth Helen Edwards, Claire’s mother, likely who is dating Jake’s father.
    • Ramona Milano as Torres, Adam’s painted Audra and overprotective mother.
    • Joy Tanner as Fiona’s supportive mother Laura Coyne Declan.
    • Mishu Vellani as Miss Bhandari, Alli Sav’s strict mother and Dr. Kennedy
    • Tafford as Goldsworthy, the bullfrog of little Eli’s good-natured father


    • Some of them, such as Guthrie, Tyson K.S. and newborn son Jenn, appear to be up for adoption.
    • Haley Shannon as Chloe, the girls are having a party first. Trazhikovsky (new)
    • Jesse inthe role of Paulie Garcia, a good friend. Bianca and Owen. (New)

    Invited Stars

    Why did Wesley leave Degrassi?

    Spencer Van Wyck, the actor who played Wesley, has confirmed he won’t back down once he returns after being told that his qualities have been “used to the max”. Dave Turner 9-13) (has not appeared or been mentioned since Young Forever.

    • Elias in Edraki as Anson, a session participant who was accidentally killed by the dog’s ex-girlfriend, Bianca.Palmer,
    • keke as herself (Keyana Palmer), a famous musician.
    • Riley Gilchrist, simply because Chris’ ex, Dr. Pam McPherson’s physician, is a malevolent disease lover and Anya’s lover.
    • Zoe Belkin plays the former Athena, a girl from Greece. Stavros asked Riley out on a date.


    • Lyle O’Donoghue likes Tristan, the naughty gay. (Grade 8) (New)

    Main Cast (1130–1145)

    Graduates (Grade 12 – Blue)

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