Tips To Fix Dotnetnuke Update Error 6

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    In this user guide, we will identify some possible causes that could cause the Dotnetnuke 6 update to fail, and then I will suggest potential recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

    New Community Site

    You should usually be in the right place. We recently launched a brand new community website using the community.

    dotnetnuke 6 upgrade error

    Welcome to the community where community members exchange ideas and the best answers to questions about DNN. To get started, simply enter your question and select one of the suggested questions or ask another question of your choice.

    All in all, updating DotNetNuke can be a straightforward process. Just copy the files to get a new, better version and launch the application after the update. That being said, of course, there are many targeted scenarios that third-party vendors must consider, along with custom add-ons, high traffic websites, etc. Therefore, any additional steps involved in the upgrade process will depend on the specific conditions of your site. But it is important to understand exactly what the basic approach to updating is simple copy and replace.

    Always Make Backups

    The best plans you mYou can miss it, it can destroy you, it is usually just a fact of life. If you have ever faced data loss, whether it is an exclusive computer, camera or number, you will appreciate this moment. Even do a simple swap first to make sure you have a clone of the filesystem and therefore the database. Once they are organized, you can ask your hosting company to do this for the buyers (unless you have the right to access them yourself).

    If you have the resources, it is best to test the update first at a backup site. For some people this is not possible or practical, but it is absolutely necessary for any business or organization on their websites. Testing the update on the correct backup site can indicate if there are any special circumstances regarding your skin, apps, and possibly anything else, so you can definitely act upon them.


    • Add an update portal with your alias on the web -site, z Back up this database.
    • Make sure you follow a few steps and 3
    • Download DotNetNuke_Community_XX. from the latest version of DotNetNuke.
    • Restore your saved website with a new folder path on your Planet server.
    • Configure IIS for a new domain with a host for h2 tags.
    • File System Permissions Configuration
    • Restore the database data to the normal NEW repository name.
    • Modify web.config with the new URL to point to this database.
    • Open your web.config and make sure Automatic Updates is set to FALSE and not TRUE
    • Extract the contents of the UPDATES to package the file to your computer or laptop. It is not recommended that the client check out directly. through your website.
    • Copy the extracted UPDATE files with package contents to your website folder.
    • Access your new website while browsing on your mobile web phone, change the URL to http: // MY WEBSITE / install / install .aspx? mode = update.
    • After launching the updated website, you can change yournd website in IIS configuration to accommodate using the new domain instead of the un-updated site. For

    dotnetnuke 6 upgrade error

    what to think about If you, as an individual, are updating your site because of the default.css, portal.css and additionally menu.css settings, be sure to reproduce these files with the same content as the folder on your website after perform an UPDATE – you want to copy the package

    Advanced Techniques

    Never participate in an upgrade without full database and website support.


    Best of all: Use app_offline.htm to disable the original website before backing up your online store and database. This provides an up-to-date message during service, and when customers are ready to upgrade, simply rename the history app_offline.htm.exclude and bring it back online. (The next time you log out, just rename app_offline.htm.exclude to app_offline.htm).


    One trick is to save a backup .index file to .app_data .file. With the extension .a ..resources. This allows you to copy the entire Internet including the base data, as a single package (or as a zip file), to keep a separate place for recovery in addition to archival purposes. It is advised that you delete the file before your website is profitable.


    Some Module Licensing Services do not allow changes to this specific domain database name, name, or paused folder. This makes it much easier to perform a useful in-place upgrade. If that fails, delete this content from the web application directory, restore the backup option, and restore the database.

    Now that iis7 Security includes application isolation, including many of the benefits of a major in-place upgrade, you don’t need to reconfigure DNN, NTFS, IIS, SQL or any other means to replicate your site’s business.

    IIS Root Folder

    If you originally installed DotNetNuke in the IIS root folder, you might have problems if you need to restore or duplicate your site to create a new web application or checked out folder. This is due to a simple file attachment to web.config from top-level child applications and therefore applications. If you choose to download other applications or copy DNN sites from development to hosting to production, it is worth moving the DNN to the IIS root folder in the web application’s own folder.

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