Solving The Problem Of Restoring IPhone 3GS With Error 1604

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    If you are getting iphone 3gs recovery error 1604, this guide has been created to help you. Error 1604 usually occurs due to USB connection sync issues when trying to restore an iPhone. The problem may be related to your USB port, dock connector, or USB cable that may be connected to your iPhone and computer.

    error 1604 iphone 3gs restore

    This error is common with USB sync. update Try USB connections using different USB cable connectors and other USB troubleshooting steps available in (Troubleshooting USB Connections). If the problem persists on a working computer, the device may need to be repaired.

    If the USB Isolation Troubleshooter does not resolve the issue and there is no other computer on the market, try the following to resolve the issue:

    1. Connect the device to iTunes, check if the device is in recovery mode. If it is not in recovery mode, it will be put into recovery mode.
    2. Restore and wait for the error.
    3. When .prompted, .click .OK ..
    4. < li> Close and reopen with iTunes connected device. The device should now

    5. probably be recognized again in therapy mode.
    6. Try to restore again.
    7. < /ol>

      If the steps above resolve the issue, try restoring a working and usb-cable computer over a network e connection.

      If someone reads post 2 “snowbreeze.0.1 for iOS devices released with jailbreak 4.1 (specific [instructions]”) and after commenting on the comment you posted, they will see that several 1600 users reported, 1604, not mentioned others errors when restoring iOS 4.Custom 1 Structured Snowbreeze from 2.0.1.In

      error 1604 iphone 3gs restore

      As a last post, here are a few possible solutions to these errors. But I know nothing works in your coverage because I didn’t encounter it during the troubleshooting process.

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    8. 1. Download and install ASR Pro
    9. 2. Launch the application and click on "Scan for issues"
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    11. Boyhsu just posted a new fix for bug 1611 regarding the comments below. I continue to briefly quote the comment or the entire comment here:

      Hello friends. White, think

      I realize that my often problem is wrong.
      I fixed Snowbreeze 3gs – 4. ISPW) (Custom included a custom iBooty method. When I restore using an iBooty compatible method, I get error 1611 which is still undesirable when restoring in iTunes.

      How do I put my iPhone 3GS in recovery mode?

      Make sure the iPhone is turned off and unplugged from the new computer.Press and hold and the home button.Connect your iPhone 4 to your computer while holding the Home button.As a general rule, hold down the Home button until the Apple message disappears and the iTunes icon appears.

      Create another custom internno ISP WITHOUT Snowbreeze, enable this specific IBooty method, and then restore your iPhone 3GS with this new ISP. that So everything is fine.

      Well done!

      If the computers try to retry, the computer will be different and all issues will be listed as “Solved”.

      If you’re on a Mac and you’re getting iTunes errors 1600-1604, try this: mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/’Device Support’; If this directory exists, delete all file types in it already. Try again now.

      If you are a Windows user, you delete device support files (recovery files) in the iTunes folder in the following locations:

      – Windows 7 and Vista: C:/*username*/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/iTunesDevice Support
      – Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/*username*/Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/Device Support

      Be sure to select “Show Hidden Facts” in the folder options.last

    12. Install the old age version of iTunes.
    13. Try changing the USB port to or from another to use the system.
    14. Also try to stop the iTunes process task in Boss Services and iPod after an error occurs. Open iTunes again and trySomeday soon
    15. Why is there an error when I try to restore my iPhone?

      Often the iPhone fails to be restored due to the Lightning cable being broken or defective. You try another lightning rod or borrow one from your best friend. In addition, the use of third-party cables that are not Apple certified for MFi may cause recovery problems.accepting.

      Have you encountered Apple error 1604 when trying to restore iPhone from iTunes or update to a new version of iOS? If this is the case and you don’t know what to do, read this article, but there are solutions for that too.

      Many computer users complain that when they go to iPhone restore, Apple doesn’t go through the “prepare iPhone while restoring”, it crashes, and iTunes shows a confirmed error 1604. You’ve checked this several times, but in the end the iPhone is all still doesn’t work. Why does this iTunes error appear? Should we only practice when faced with exactly the same problem? Keep reading and check our data.

      According to the Apple community, iTunes error 1604 is often related to USB syncing. Whether the hardware report is a problem. This problem can be due to a problem with the USB port or dock connector of the USB cable connected to your phone and computer. Regardless of the exact cause of the problem, the error usually stops the restore process of your iPhone. To fix this problem, followFollow the steps below carefully.

      How To Fix Apple Error De 1604

      Solutions Company 1. Update

      How do you reset a disabled iPhone 3GS without iTunes?

      In the classic phone menu settings, touch . If you can’t find it, just swipe to the right and then enter settings to check it out.In general, forget not to be able to reset.Now choose “All content” and “Remove settings” and then they will show you the choice.

      Make iTunes yours. Okay, you have the latest iTunes design. Open the options menu and also make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. No, if you update to the latest version. Please keep an active internet connection during this upgrade process. After the update is complete, restart iTunes and try restoring.

      Solution 2: Check The USB Port

      Check the USB connection. Use all USB cables supplied with the device. If you don’t have an Apple product, try a different USB cable. You are changing the USB port on your computer. Don’t plug it in. your keyboard. You are transferring a USB port from one computer to another.

      Decision. IPhone Put In DFU Mode

    16. Connect your amazing iPhone to your computer. Launch iTunes.
    17. Turn off your iPhone. You click
    18. Hold the power button and the home button at the same time for about 10 seconds.
    19. Release and hold the button until the Home notification appears.
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