LDAP Configuration Management And Troubleshooting Solution For Aix

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    OVERVIEW: Communications with an LDAP server, the LDAP shopping system must follow Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) information per RFC (request for comments) 4510. Promotional code for LDAP implementation is not included. AIX process systems.

    How do you check LDAP connection is working or not?

    click System > System Security.Click Check LDAP Authentication Settings.check the user’s LDAP name search filter.Check the specific LDAP group name for search filters.Check the LDAP person membership (username) to make sure the request format is correct and that the people group role inheritance is working correctly.you

    This appendix for subscribers lists issues you may encounter when configuring or administering Oracle Authentication Services Operating for Systems. It contains a link to topics:

  • Error in client configuration script

  • Data transfer failed

  • Problems related to tools

  • Test the save and file messages

  • Login Failed

  • A.1 Client Configuration Script Error

    How do I troubleshoot LDAP authentication problems?

    The step is verifying the server’s authentication certificate.Step Step 2: Verify client authentication certificate. stepsMultiple: You are looking for multiple SSL certificates. step:Exception check the ldap connection to these servers.Step 5: OnRead Schannel logging.

    This section lists errors you may encounter when running the client creation script.

    A.1.1 Script Client Error For AIX 5.You 3

    Aix needs to create at least one user for LDAP before running the visitor script. Otherwise, the script installation may fail with one of the following corruption messages:

    Users cannot be found from all base configuration DNsThe client failed.

    Could not find group DN from LDAP server channel.Failed to create client.”

    See “Adding at least aboutthe bottom and an Oracle group user in Internet Directory on AIX”.

    A.1.2 SSL Client Script Error On AIX 6.1

    SSL client script setup fails with AIX version 6.1 error due to a problem with the mksecldap tool. You can configure Oracle Authentication Services to run on systems in non-SSL mode using a script without configuring AIX SSL version 6.1.

    A.1.3 The Script Prints server Hostnamesduplicate Domains

    The server hostname as reproduced by the script is the client’s duplicate FQDN, for example: myserver.mycompany.com.mycompany.com.

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  • When the main part of the server script generates the client, the script adds the order in the domain to the hostname server. In most legal cases, the server host name is an unnamed spoof, so this behavior is genuine. However, if you choose to set hostname as a fully qualified domain based on your server information, the script will suggest an invalid server name.

    To resolve this issue when running the script on the client, mock n in response to this request s:

    Would you like to set up a test host to authenticate users by LDAP server OID [n]: above y

    which ends the client script. Then change the hostname of each server in the script and patron run the script again. string:

    OidServerHost=”my next server is editing train.mycompany.com.mycompany.com”

    A.1.4 Script Does Not Recognize English Input

    Before you don’t run the configuration scripts yourself, you need to set local settings using NLS_LANG.

    A.2 Data Transfer Error

    This section lists errors you may encounter when migrating to Oracle Authentication For Operating Services Systems.

    A.2.Sudo 1 Convert n Script


    sudo conversion error tool reports parsing problems when converting the /etc/sudoers file to LDIF format. Transform script

    ldap configuration management and troubleshooting on aix

    The sudo package inside the sudo package cannot cover all the intricacies of sudoers of your file design. Example: exclamation command aliases contain the sign in onchale (!), remove the exclamation mark. You can find the most known limitations in the main sudo documentation of the package.

    A.3 Problems Related To Tools

    This section lists errors that may occur when renting command-line tools with running Oracle Authentication Services for Systems.

    A.3.1 Error In System-config-users

    Make sure that the user entries have many of the attributes described in the "Migrating to Oracle Internet Directory with NIS" section. Error

    How do I configure LDAP?

    Press . Or select Configuration > Authentication > Authentication Server The Authentication Server dialog box appears.Select the From LDAP tab.Select the Enable LDAP Web Server check box Server configuration enabled ldap.

    When creating a new group for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you change the version number /usr/share/system-config-users/userGroupCheck.py.

    def isGroupnameOk(str, isGroupnameOk widget):

    def (name, widget):

    A.3.Linux 3 Administration Tools Cause Inconsistencies

    The use of Linux tools such as useradd, userdel, groupadd or groupdel may result in inconsistencies or unexpected behavior.

    These tools are generally not supported. After installing Oracle Authentication Operations Services for Systems, but migrating your data to the Oracle Internet Directory, you must useUse user-specific methods to manage users, passwords, and more. In particular, you must:

  • Use the Oracle Directory Manager

  • LDAP tools and bulk knowledge at $ORACLE_HOME/bin

  • Command passwd

  • You can also use libuser tools on Linux distributions that support it, with some restrictions. "The password policy is not enforced in any way".

    A.3.4 Ldapse architecture Error

    When you start searching for computers, Remote returns this error:

    Function not implemented. DSA is not ready to go.

    You actually tried to search with a functional non-indexed attribute specified as a required attribute.

    You can only look up an Oracle attribute in the Internet Directory if that particular attribute is indexed. By default, indexed attributes refer to the user and publication group. If you use a custom attribute, you can search for it in search engines using the catalog board. Example connect="connect_str":

    directory for add="TRUE" attribute="automountKey"

    A.3.5 Exists aix Mkuser Command Error

    Group number "Personal". You check the file "/usr/lib/security/mkuser.default".

    To solve this problem, create a staff named Oracle Internet Directory.

    If an LDAP client and therefore a NIS client are configured on the same machine on AIX 5.You 3, you cannot create registered users from an AIX LDAP client. Can you solve this problem by adding APAR IY90556.

    A.3.6 The Solaris Command Doesn't Report IDs To Groups

    Your user has an additional primary group and a template, or several additional groups. If you enter the following:


    ldap configuration management and troubleshooting on aix

    On a Solaris system, once Oracle Authentication Services is configured for systems, operating groups are secondary and never appear. To use that

    Make sure the -a option for the id command.

    If you're using id -a and you can't see the secondary groups, you really need to change the LDAP entries for the secondary groups.

    First add this uid to the orcl object class attributeGroup in your global LDAP schema, if not already needed. For more information about adding this new attribute to the Oracle Internet Directory, see "Managing the Directory Step Schema" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle Administrator's Guide for Internet Directory.

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