Oracle Error Code 12514 Ora-12514 Troubleshooting Message

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    Over the past week, some of our readers have reported experiencing oracle error code 12514 or ora-12514. ORA-12514 A technique that, according to a non-listener, can implement a service suitable for your use, fails to connect when it comes to the database for you. As a result, it responds with ORA-12514, notify to connection error. also It could be because you are using the completely wrong service name.


    How do I fix my ORA-12514?

    The database is available. no If an instance of , the service name must not be registered in the listener.The clip names are the same.The associated Host to port is fine.An instance subscribes to its services with the appropriate help of the listener.

    ORA-12514 means that the listener cannot see the service corresponding to yours, and it definitely cannot connect to the database for you. As a result, it will respond with ORA-12514 to report a connection error.

    oracle error code 12514 message ora-12514

    As a DBA, I have seen several types of ORA-12514 in different scenarios, each of which resolved differently. Share here scenarios that can cause multiple ORA-12514 errors with patterns as errors shown below:

    1. Common situations
    2. Restarting the database
    3. Hibernating
    4. Using the link database
    5. < /ol>

      In ORA-12514, you can often be sure that the target is now listeningthe atelier is working again. To explain, the listener is available.

      For the specified unknown sid, the listener ORA-12505: starts TNS: the listener does not currently know the specified SID on the connection. Since then, there may be various template errors in this post. General Situations

      Let’s see why we get ORA-12514. First we need to make sure that my listener is actually available on the database data server using tnsping.



      c:usersed>tnsping TNS Ping for Windows. Bit depth: 64 12, version. production - as of July 22, 2014, P>Copyright 19:24:04

      < 1997, 2013, Oracle (c). All rights reserved.

      Configuration files used:

      < p > The tnsnames adapter was used to resolve the alias )(SERVICE_NAME ORCL)))
      =OK (60ms)

      Okay, the listener is still active and can be contacted remotely. Note that the “success and tnsping” “failed” messages indicate that the designated service is present on the remote listener.

      Then we test the database connection to the database via sqlplus (SQL*Plus).

      How do I fix TNS listener error?

      Solution First, make sure it’s an active or running listener. To do this, go to services such as NT or Control listener System (LSNRCTL) through the control panel. If the listener is up and running, the problem might be that the listener didn’t find the correct instance, or it might be a log.

      C:Usersed>sqlplus hr/[email protected]
      ...ERROR BKA:

      ORA-12514: TNS:Listener is not currently authorized to know which service is looking to log in
      Enter Description

      Enter Username:

      < /p>


      When the connection was established, no listener found any matching list of registered services. Therefore, the public had no idea which database could be used for the web login service. a few Here are the possible causes most commonly associated with ORA-12514:

      1. No instances

      The database has never been available or is available, let’s say inactive, no dynamic service is definitely registered in the fandom. Why did we see ORA-12514.

      2.Incompatible service name service

      Your handle name in the tnsnames.ora connection is not likely to match the service name of the running listener. That is, the set does not currently know anything about the service requested in the connection descriptor.

      3. Not registered

      If the DB instance is running, the service name might not be registered by a listener next to a specific port, as you would expect. The default service port is From 1521 -. But otherWhen you can safely switch to another port, for example 1522.

      Note that ORA-12514 is a bug caused by the listener specifically calling the client side. The database does not know this about the problem.


      What to do according to ORA-12514:

      1. Databases available

      oracle error code 12514 message ora-12514

      If there is no instance, it may not register with the service name listener. If you start the main instance, LREG will register the new service after 60 seconds.

      If you are sure the database is up and running and still getting an ORA-12514 error, you may have problems. Let’s not look for other solutions.

      2. Site names match

      The service name of the connecting patient’s From descriptor tnsnames.ora must match the service scheduled by the listener. Sometimes it’s just a typo. In short,

      The service aliases below resulted in 3 matching parts being resolved for ORA-12514.

      1. Connection handle.
      2. Listener.
      3. Database. Handle

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    Come on

    connect a see Connect Identifier subexample. the integer body is the connection handle.

    in and

    [[email protected] ~]$ $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora
    ORCL =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = Is tcp)(host equals Oracle-11g-Server)(PORT=1521))
    matches (SERVICE_NAME = ORCL )
    ) < >< /p>

    Question: /code where is tnsnames.ora for Windows platform? this is usually TNS_ADMIN, an environment variable that contains the location of network configuration files in platform windows. Descriptor


    The connection is easy to test, but how do you test the service names for this See listener?. next

    How do you fix ORA-12514 TNS listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor in?

    Just add the service name one to your own tnsnames. ora if you likemultiple listeners and the database name in your Pfile/spfile family exactly matches local_listener=mysid, you will most likely dynamically register the database with the new listener.


    ~]$ [[email protected] lsnrctl status
    Services overview...
    Service "ORCL" has one or more instances 1.
    " Instance ORCL ", DONE, status suggests you get 1 handler for this service...

    Database exists

    If there is no matching service term in the listener, we need to evaluate the service names against the authentication conditions of the operating system. No credentials required.


    How do you fix ORA 12505 TNS listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor?

    Your first troubleshooting step should be to wait a few seconds and then try to connect to the database again. If this attempt fails, try checking for known instances, a listener of a specific type. To do this, run Lsnrctl: provider . You can check the status of the listener.

    [[email protected] sqlplus sysdba
    SQL> Parameter set service_names

    type ---------- --- --- ---------- ---- - -------------- --------------- ---

    If you don't have a good wayWhen querying a database, you can guess. Usually, but not necessarily always, the service name is a new name that matches the database alias (DB_UNIQUE_NAME). The database distinguished name is exactly the same as the instance information ($ORACLE_SID) for a single database instance.

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