Best Way To Fix VMware Connection Failed Driver Error

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    Today’s blog post was created to help you when you get the “vmware connection driver error” error code.

    On workstation 8, this can happen to anyone with USB 3, no matter what the problem is.
    Even on any host with USB 2 that worked great in WS 7, I’m having these problems. >

    The one stop solution for all your Windows related problems

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on "Scan for issues"
  • 3. Click on the "Fix all issues" button to start the repair process

  • Stop each

    It changes the way you work and makes USB peripherals very difficult. do not connect or disconnect any devices, regardless of other settings.

    Never expect USB VMs to freeze – which is weird, it happens…very

    Be careful when using USB drives mounted on a specific host.
    Starting a stopped virtual machine can restore the device from the coordinator, and only a reboot can solve the problem

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    I’m suffering from using VMware Workstation fine, perfect until I upgrade to Windows 10. This happens after I get this error on a few of my VMs and migratepreviously used to the correct USB.

    Maybe I’m not using USB. My device currently in the guest OS used to work fine with Windows 8.1 in general, but I reinstalled VMware, tools even and the guest OS and created an innovative virtual machine and the problem persists

    Can a USB device bypass the host and connect directly to the guest? Server drivers are good. Windows i

    Officially 7 doesn’t allow USB3, direct USB3 machines in Windows 7 don’t. can

    This will still work if the Toshiba USB CD comes with driver and sound, but you only have one for Windows 7.

    Windows 2003 will be older even if it doesn’t have USB3 support, and installing a Toshiba USB3 driver on Windows 2003 – if there is such a thing – won’t solve the problem.

    Normally, the player can be used with a USB2 device. To force map a drive to USB2, plug it into a USB2 port on a specific system, or use a USB hub between the computer and the drive to downgrade the USB3 port to USB2 directly.

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    Finally, I upgraded a few other workstations to version 15.5.6. After connecting this, all Aux usb Good Friends devices will fail.

    On the workstation itself, an attempt to connect to the USB device failed without warning. If you try again, you will see a voice message saying that the device is connected, which will lead to another virtual machine! (The light on the device icon switches to the east, but the menu shows options to connect and disconnect the user.)

    There is a warning tattoo (âš) next to “VMWare USB Device” in the device manager connected to the host, suffering from serial “universal bus controllers”. The driver properties will be displayed:

    This may end up being a problem: our own driver data shows an unsigned ftusb2 entry for .sys in the electronic file. There is no such entry in 15.5.1.

    vmware connection unsuccessful driver error

    I’m trying to create a desktop/disk (I’ve triedboth, no difference) as a guest on a Win Ten Enterprise build 1607 host with some sort of USB plug-in device. USB Les (Pay no attention to your devices, everything else should work fine).

    I’m using 12.5.-6, so I haven’t tried much with 12.5.5, but

    I have read many individual posts and tried many factors (over and over) including:

    • uninstall then reinstall
    • uninstall, restart, disable vmnet* network adapter, uninstall/clean, prevent VMware services from starting, restart, perform VMware uninstall steps, delete registry entries, uninstall , duplicate the content files, restart the computer, reinstall (I knew other old Win95 features would come in handy someday!)
    • Fix the install and retry the repair fixed install

    I have a major error installing vmusb and hcmon and the USB arbitration service may not start.

    Now I’m stuck, just saying, connecting via USB device “xxx” previously failed” due to “driver error”.

    Broker service records show:

    2017-06-12t21:45:16.048+01:00| vthread-4| VTHREAD i125: slot 4 "vthread-4" hostid initializes to 3856

    2017-06-12T21:45 :16.049+01:00|I125: USBArb: Arguments vthread-4|loads: "VMUSBArbService"

    2017-06-12T21:45:16 vmusbarbservice.053+01:00|vthread-4|I125 : usbgw controller host: #0 hc= "?HCD0"

    2017-06-12T21:45:16.053+01:00| vthread-4| I125: controller webserver​ ​#0 usbgw: ​​rootHubName="USB#ROOT_HUB30#4&2138960&0&0#f18a0e88-c30c-11d0-8815-00a0c906bed8"

    2017-06-12T21:45:16.| 053+01:00 USBGW: i125 :vthread-4| Host Controller #0 rootHubDevInst="USBROOT_HUB304&2138960&0&0"

    2017-06-12T21:45:16.Vthread-4| I125:054+01:00| USBArbW: HCMON connected to version 3.12

    2017-06-12T21:45:16.135+01:00|vthread-5|I125: Thread initialization vthread 0 "vthread-5" hostid 3892

    2017 -06-12T21:45:16.152+01:00|vthread-4|VTHREAD i125: Initialize thread node id "vthread-4" 4 3980

    2017-06-12T21:45:16.I125: 152+01:00 | vthread-4 | start usbarb-b t: poll thread

    2017-06-12T21:45:16.Vthread-5| 212+01:00| I125: VMUSBArbService usbarb: started.

    2017-06-12T21:45:18.184+01:00| vthread-5| W115: usbgw: ​​WMIWin32_Wake failed due to USBVID_05C8&PID_03835&A6A6D4&1&9:1

    2017-06-12T21:45:30.Vthread-5| 387+01:00| USBArb: i125: Number of users: 2 instances, system: client vmware-hostd:.exe

    2017-06-12T21:45:30.Vthread-5| 387+01:00| Usbb: i125: client connected 4488 (version: 7)

    2017-06-12T21:46:12.Vthread-5| 542+01:00| I125: Instances: usbarb: 3, numeric USER user: client: vmplayer.exe

    vmware connection unsuccessful driver error

    2017-06-12T21:46:12.542+01:00| vthread-5| USBArb: i125: Client (version: 7 Associated)

    2017-06-12T21:46:19 9912.224+01:00| vthread-5| USBArb: i125: Instances: 4, Digital Client User: Vmware-vmx User:.exe

    2017-06-12T21:46:19.Vthread-5| 224+01:00| USBArb: i125: Client Connected 3556 (Version: 7)

    2017-06-12T21:46:19.Vthread-5| 224+01:00| USBArb: "vmware-vmx:C:UsersUSERDocumentsVirtual i125: Target MachinesUbuntu 64-bit 64-bitubuntu.vmx" saved for client 3556.

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